Nutrition & Wellness


Life as a student can at many times be very frantic. United Tribe Technical College students are very busy balancing their academic and social commitments. Often times, simple things like eating a well-balanced and healthy diet can be overlooked. Grabbing food on the go and consuming lots of caffeine can become a basic survival technique for some.

The foods that you eat may have a big impact on how you feel: from increased energy levels and concentration spans, to your mood and resilience to cope with the pressures of being a college student. Taking the time to consider what you eat is very important to your health and wellness.

At United Tribe Technical College Dining Services we make every attempt to provide a menu selection that allows students to choose flavorful and nutritionally-balanced meals. From Breakfast to Dinner we offer items that can suit almost any diet. UTTC Dining Services provides a wide variety of foods and a commitment to healthy eating. Our menus provide options for a healthy diet based on the principles of moderation and variety.

Consult a Dietitian

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in health and wellness. Without proper eating habits, people become sluggish, have a hard time concentrating, or may even become very ill. Needless to say, poor nutrition can keep us from living at our highest potential. By consulting with a dietitian, you can learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle and feel more energized by improving your eating and physical fitness habits. A dietitian can also assist you with any special dietary needs.